Garbage cans Hacks – How to Organise Your Garbage

I am sure you have heard the three R’s environmental conservation strategies. Whether you strictly follow the R’s rules or not there is no time your house will be free from all the garbage cans. These waste containers are a life saver. They not only help keep the house tidy but also hold dirty waste which if left littered can harbour germs leading to heath complications. So how does one organise the cans for garbage disposal with less stress? Here is a brief guideline that you will find helpful.

Put wheels on the waste bins.

Most waste containers have no wheels meaning they have to be lifted when moving from one place to another. Imagine having to drag the can full of waste. The process is tedious with chances of the inside content spilling out high.

With the help of wheels, young children can also help with trash removal for weekly garbage collection.

Drill holes on the waste bins.

You have probably tried to pull out waste bags from the garbage bin and found it difficult. There is a pressure pulling the bag inside the container. To eliminate the pressure, drill a hole or two close to the bottom of the bin. Ensure that the opening is not too close to the bottom. Failure to do so will result in spillage in case you put fluid waste material.

Have extra bags on standby

Hectic work schedule characterises weekdays. At such times it highly likely that you will not remember to get a trash bag to replace when full. To avoid running out of the bags buy a dozen bags and keep some at the bottom of the bin.

Have several waste containers in the house

There are smaller bins suitable for kitchen and other house rooms. Having one waste bin in the house is not efficient for waste disposal. Imagine enjoying a banana in the living room and have to walk across the room to access the kitchen waste can. Have several bins in the house and if possible in each room.

Pin the bins to the wall

Ever been too lazy to walk to the bin and have to throw something into the bin from a distance. If the waste material is heavy, the bin will topple. To avoid that, get some pins and stick the bin firmly on the wall.

Improve the bin outlook.

Waste disposal bins are not attractive which is why keeping such a bin in the living room spoil the room décor. You can cover the container when not in use or make a drawer to disguise it. Otherwise, you can visit the store and buy new containers which have a classic look for such rooms.

Use automated waste bins

We dread germs which is the reason no one wants to touch the garbage can lid. Modern waste containers are featured with hand sensor which opens automatically when a hand move close to it.

The above are ingenious ideas on improved waste disposal methods. If you are aware of other ways, do not hesitate to implement.

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